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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Singers' Heath

Singers’ Heath

Why do you wander the earth alone?
What sin is it you seek to atone?
Your soul is contorted and ever afflicted,
Of what crime is it that you’ve been self-convicted?

Why the deepening pain in your eyes?
What sadness is it you seek to hide?
Your heart is thwarted and ever twisted,
By what word is it that you’ve been blacklisted?

Why the shackles upon your smile?
What sorrow is it you seek to beguile?
Your mind is bleak and woebegone,
From whence the dejection that you’ve undergone?

Wander alone no more my friend,
This atonement with peace your soul will mend.
Your crime is one that broke no laws,
Your self-affliction has no real cause.

Let me take the pain that your iris hides,
To allow comfort return in leaps and strides.
Let’s liberate your heart once more,
And welcome home joy through love’s front door.

Let’s renew the light that should spring from your face,
Instead of sorrow you’ll now feel ace.
Your mind will be free and happy and bright,
Take my hand, and return to the light.

Warrior Princess

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