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Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
The Blue Moon in silence swiftly weeps past
Lending to life one final last gasp
Pulling from anguish she gives up a sigh
And lays on the cloud hoping to die.

Singing a song that can never be heard
Bleeding a heartache that can never be shared
Longing for love that will eternally evade
She hides in her paradise of perpetual shade.

The Blue Moon in silence swiftly weeps past
Wishing forever to be white at last
Hoping perpetually she prays to the skies
Knowing all answers  are unceasing lies.

Lamenting a fate that can never be hers
Scarring her soul with infinite tears
Pleading with ghosts that will never admit
She’s left in shadows as nature’s misfit.

Warrior Princess

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