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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An Ode to Dr Dreary Drawers

An Ode to Dr Dreary Drawers

Oh how my head does bleed, my brains upon the desk,
Listening to this diatribe, my sanity defects.
Oh the murderous thoughts, run quickly through my head,
As I sit and pray and wish again, that this dear man was dead.
He returns me weekly to this here place, lying deep within my mind,
But little does he realise, the ideas my head will find.
I smile and nod and pretend to hear, all the crap he has to spiel,
And to my weakened goodly side, I make one last appeal.
Oh how I wish I was so good, that I could love this class,
But deep, deep down my heart decries that this would be a farce.
So once again I sit and stare and wish the light would fall,
Or if the desktop blew up soon, or the board came off the wall.
How I would jump  and run, and make my way off home,
Alas I must here await, another hour to roam,
Within the dangerous place he's made,
My mind and sanity frayed.

Warrior Princess

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