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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mea Silva Parva

Mea Silva Parva

Hidden away in quiet Peakroe
The tiniest seeds finally grow
Yellow and red, white and blue
Flowers are blooming in every hue.

In the stillest of silence, where time is lost
Where the cold winter sun, kisses the frost
The melody of soft heartbeats, sing to the trees
And the thrilling of birds, sing to appease.

In the stillest of silence, where life is sought
In spring’s soft embrace, patience is taught
The babble of soft thinking, rustles the leaves
And the sound of hoof thuds, bring such ease

In the stillest of silence, where sighs are tossed
Where the warm summer’s sun, the heart accosts
The chorus of soft smiles, to ecstasy weaves
As the whispering winds, stop to please

In the stillest of silence, where love is caught
In autumn’s strong arms, blooms are brought
The unsung song of season, to a soundless heart flees
As the chatter of twigs, fill the breeze

Hidden away in quiet Peakroe,
The tiniest seeds finally show
Patience it seems, finally grew
And life is blooming as time walks through

Warrior Princess