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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Twatitis...AKA Verbal Constipation

Twatitis...AKA Verbal Constipation

My tongues in a mess and I really can’t talk
It’s taking all of my brain power just to remember to walk
I can’t hear what you’re saying, it’s all just a ramble
And I so respond, with the words I just gamble
I hope for the best and that I’m not a total tool
But I know for a fact that I sound like a fool
I hear as you laugh, the mirth in your voice
As I run from the room, it’s not even a choice
I can’t even breath all I can hear is the thunder
As the blood through my brain is running asunder
If only the ground would swallow me whole
But I doubt even that, would offer me console

Warrior Princess

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