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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hell in a Heartbeat

Hell in a Heartbeat

The dark cold wind rots my soul;
A steady beat I can nay control,
It blows slow and strong from deep within,
Howling out through eyes so dim,
Blackening beasts and all I see,
Ripping life from all I breathe.
I clutch the beat of a heart long dead,
Scattering ashes of death instead,
Grey and dull they choke the skies,
Blinding hot they burn my eyes,
Beat around the world they flow,
To the depths of hell my soul they throw.
A long closed throat that fails to feed,
Air itself would make it bleed,
The twists and turns as life seeps out,
Tightly muting all I shout,
Ever repressed and held within,
The death of life lets love begin.

Warrior Princess

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  1. Shit! Tis worse than I thought!!