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Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Anonymous faces keep life the same
And keep the soul and mind more sane
Knowing none makes the self unique
And rids the heart of all that’s weak
Others make the mind think thoughts
And offer hope that make the heart go soft
Offering life that seems more bright
Which lengthens shadows beneath their light
Dragging smiles from uncracked eyes
And clearing clouds from the high blue skies
Makes a world of rust and lime
It’s just hidden beneath a velvet shine.
Whereupon when resting in peace
And unexpected, the torrent unleashed.
So stay the same and remain alone
For without the heart you shall not moan
Life will ease as you let time unfold
And given space you’ll soon grow old
Death will come a welcome release
And only then can you find true peace.

Warrior Princess

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