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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts

I don’t play a game of hearts with you
To be perfectly honest I haven’t a clue
It usually happens when I least expect
It just seems to be an adverse effect
Whatever you do or whenever you smile
You send my senses into exile
There’s nothing I can do, and less I can say
So I simply ignore you and walk away

But now you play these games of heart
And I know you think you’re awfully smart
That’ll you do to me as I’ve done to you
And you’re probably right, it’s what I’m due
But unlike you it’s not a game I play
It just seems to happen in the oddest way
But when you take the time and say hello
My head stops it’s race, I start to mellow

And then along you come with your bloody phone
Twiddling and texting and your wireless zone
Thinking you’re great by walking on past
And doing your damnedest to make me downcast
And all the time I do fret as I sit
I know I’m not normal, I’m an awful fuckwit.
Instead of making this easy and helping me through
You confuse me, upset me and leave me askew

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where I stand
But I feel that I’m drowning in a pool of quicksand
And all I can do is wander in circles
With my head in a mess as my confidence dwindles
I want to say hi, I want to reach out
My heart’s in a ribbon, I’m riddled with doubt
So we’ll leave it at this and let it come to a close
Before I rip out my heart to feed to the crows.

Warrior Princess


  1. so then what i do is go running to sochs
    and she will tell me to grab when opportunity knocks
    love is a word that i cannot abide
    however, i like it, when its you by my side
    ive read in the stars, in the cards, in the tea,
    that you are the man to live with just me
    so if i should falter give me a kick in the arse
    coz living without you, is living a farse!

  2. you are sooooo sad! you rebooted the laptop at this hour to read this crap that i scribbled?!?!?!?! SAD! seriously....sad....

  3. LMAO!! Of course I did, I was like, hm, what did she say??? And it's not fecking crap either and well you know it Madam!