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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The County Side-Show

The County Side-Show

I sit and I wonder, as I watch the smoke rise
And I see the sly glance as you jump to hide
Why in world you’d be so daft
As to indulge yourself in such a ridiculous craft
It’ll do you no favours wherever you go
And it’ll leave you smelling like a dirty oul’ ho
It’ll blacken your teeth and dim your eyes
And leave you guilty of considerable lies
Does your mother know, or your father at that?
Do you think they’d approve and pat your back?
Who do you think it’ll ever impress,
When your lungs are a sodden, cancerous mess?
I’ll tell you the truth as I loved those sticks
That they slow you down, those little pricks
They obscure the thinking with the shite they contain
And without you knowing they create a strain
So give them up now before the harm sets in
Or I’ll tell The Mammy what accompanied the grin!           

Warrior Princess

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