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Monday, May 21, 2012

Truth of Mine

Truth Of Mine

I wish upon a star this night
That you will have a happy life
That all that comes will make you smile
And love will follow every mile

I hope you’re never sad or lost
That you never have to bear a cross
I hope that when you close your eyes
Your dreams are as endless as the skies

I hope you’re always free inside
And never feel your soul has cried
For want or lack of things to come
Or regrets for things you’ve never done

I wish upon a star this night
That your path is always free from strife
That you’ll never have to walk alone
That you’ll always have a place called home

I hope you find a heart so true
That will ever stay right there with you
That will never wander far away
Or look for other ways to stray

I hope that God will keep you safe
And never leave your heart to quake
To the heavens this prayer I speak
For you were never mine to keep

Warrior Princess

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