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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Troubles Of Mind

Troubles Of Mind

My heart is howling the beats of distress
My soul is ripped through the bones of my breast
I hate to see you, for it does not last
But leaving you, a shadow casts

I cannot breathe these bleeding breaths
Of aches and hallows and endless deaths
I cannot dream of your bright eyed smile
As I drag you to me, mile by mile

I cannot grasp this screeching hush
That twists me in the black of its mush
I cannot purge this blinding pain
This relentless wrenching that leaves me lame

I tear your image from the pit of my mind
Your softest eyes grasp and bind
You rip me from the comfort of time
From the depths of your light I cannot climb

Like the fingers of death you call to me
You haunt my life you’re all I can see
I shall whither and die, I can no longer endure
You’re the flames in my heart, you’re my only cure

Warrior Princess

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