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Friday, April 13, 2012

Lazy Hazel Hews

Lazy Hazel Hews

Sometimes I wish I wasn't me,
I wish I was a sunflake on the sea
Or a single puff of dust upon the breeze
The single crystal raindrop on a leaf
Or the burning winter spark upon the Eve…

The endless weightless power of the earth
Drags the bloodless teardrops of my heart
My soul sinks beneath the cotton air
While the lazy hazel hews twinkle in the stare
Ripping through the inner wisdom stores
“And all for what?” the dopamine implores…

I wish I was the sand beneath your feet
To feel their ever-pressing beat
I wish I was the wind that strokes your hair
To whisper words of ever soundless care
I wish I was the sun upon your face
To skip across your lips with grace…


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me
I wish I was the surging burst of glee
Or the tugs upon the heart that tease
The bursting rush of lust so brief
Or the prayer of hope that makes us all believe…

Warrior Princess

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