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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here is Home, Home is Here

Here is Home, Home is Here

It is time to stay.  After ten years of running, ten years of hiding, ten years of fearing the shadows of the past, the sun has finally burst through and I have found myself on the bright, open, grassy plains of Gaillimhe. It is time to stop fleeing. It is time to emerge into the wondrous world that having a name reveals. 

I do not need to fear the unknown. I do not need to remain unknown. I can once again begin to embrace all that being free entails. It is time to accept that I should not move again. I have no subconscious need to uproot kit and caboodle and flock them to an unknown region of somewhereness. I am somewhere. I am here. Now is the time to unpack my head and my heart and to repaint the world around me. 

I am home. I am finally home. My walls reflect the dirty whiteness which my thoughts had become, it is time to refresh them. It is time to add life and colour and renew them. It is time to finally put a lino on the kitchen floor, to replace the carpets, to weed the flower beds and fix the fence. I am home and I am free. 

Finally, I am home free.

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