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Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Anonymous faces keep life the same
And keep the soul and mind more sane
Knowing none makes the self unique
And rids the heart of all that’s weak
Others make the mind think thoughts
And offer hope that make the heart go soft
Offering life that seems more bright
Which lengthens shadows beneath their light
Dragging smiles from uncracked eyes
And clearing clouds from the high blue skies
Makes a world of rust and lime
It’s just hidden beneath a velvet shine.
Whereupon when resting in peace
And unexpected, the torrent unleashed.
So stay the same and remain alone
For without the heart you shall not moan
Life will ease as you let time unfold
And given space you’ll soon grow old
Death will come a welcome release
And only then can you find true peace.

Warrior Princess

Hell in a Heartbeat

Hell in a Heartbeat

The dark cold wind rots my soul;
A steady beat I can nay control,
It blows slow and strong from deep within,
Howling out through eyes so dim,
Blackening beasts and all I see,
Ripping life from all I breathe.
I clutch the beat of a heart long dead,
Scattering ashes of death instead,
Grey and dull they choke the skies,
Blinding hot they burn my eyes,
Beat around the world they flow,
To the depths of hell my soul they throw.
A long closed throat that fails to feed,
Air itself would make it bleed,
The twists and turns as life seeps out,
Tightly muting all I shout,
Ever repressed and held within,
The death of life lets love begin.

Warrior Princess

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Twatitis...AKA Verbal Constipation

Twatitis...AKA Verbal Constipation

My tongues in a mess and I really can’t talk
It’s taking all of my brain power just to remember to walk
I can’t hear what you’re saying, it’s all just a ramble
And I so respond, with the words I just gamble
I hope for the best and that I’m not a total tool
But I know for a fact that I sound like a fool
I hear as you laugh, the mirth in your voice
As I run from the room, it’s not even a choice
I can’t even breath all I can hear is the thunder
As the blood through my brain is running asunder
If only the ground would swallow me whole
But I doubt even that, would offer me console

Warrior Princess

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts

I don’t play a game of hearts with you
To be perfectly honest I haven’t a clue
It usually happens when I least expect
It just seems to be an adverse effect
Whatever you do or whenever you smile
You send my senses into exile
There’s nothing I can do, and less I can say
So I simply ignore you and walk away

But now you play these games of heart
And I know you think you’re awfully smart
That’ll you do to me as I’ve done to you
And you’re probably right, it’s what I’m due
But unlike you it’s not a game I play
It just seems to happen in the oddest way
But when you take the time and say hello
My head stops it’s race, I start to mellow

And then along you come with your bloody phone
Twiddling and texting and your wireless zone
Thinking you’re great by walking on past
And doing your damnedest to make me downcast
And all the time I do fret as I sit
I know I’m not normal, I’m an awful fuckwit.
Instead of making this easy and helping me through
You confuse me, upset me and leave me askew

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where I stand
But I feel that I’m drowning in a pool of quicksand
And all I can do is wander in circles
With my head in a mess as my confidence dwindles
I want to say hi, I want to reach out
My heart’s in a ribbon, I’m riddled with doubt
So we’ll leave it at this and let it come to a close
Before I rip out my heart to feed to the crows.

Warrior Princess

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The County Side-Show

The County Side-Show

I sit and I wonder, as I watch the smoke rise
And I see the sly glance as you jump to hide
Why in world you’d be so daft
As to indulge yourself in such a ridiculous craft
It’ll do you no favours wherever you go
And it’ll leave you smelling like a dirty oul’ ho
It’ll blacken your teeth and dim your eyes
And leave you guilty of considerable lies
Does your mother know, or your father at that?
Do you think they’d approve and pat your back?
Who do you think it’ll ever impress,
When your lungs are a sodden, cancerous mess?
I’ll tell you the truth as I loved those sticks
That they slow you down, those little pricks
They obscure the thinking with the shite they contain
And without you knowing they create a strain
So give them up now before the harm sets in
Or I’ll tell The Mammy what accompanied the grin!           

Warrior Princess

Monday, May 21, 2012

Truth of Mine

Truth Of Mine

I wish upon a star this night
That you will have a happy life
That all that comes will make you smile
And love will follow every mile

I hope you’re never sad or lost
That you never have to bear a cross
I hope that when you close your eyes
Your dreams are as endless as the skies

I hope you’re always free inside
And never feel your soul has cried
For want or lack of things to come
Or regrets for things you’ve never done

I wish upon a star this night
That your path is always free from strife
That you’ll never have to walk alone
That you’ll always have a place called home

I hope you find a heart so true
That will ever stay right there with you
That will never wander far away
Or look for other ways to stray

I hope that God will keep you safe
And never leave your heart to quake
To the heavens this prayer I speak
For you were never mine to keep

Warrior Princess

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Feck the Fields...

Feck the Fields...

The grass is always greener in Athenry
Where the dreams of blessed souls, rest and fly
The gentle breeze of time is next to nigh
And happiness is strengthened by the sigh.

The grass is always greener over there
When lost in the hazel swirls of a stare
Or floating on the clouds without a care
The wind undoing the tangles of my hair

There is nowhere as pure as here
The air is bright and light and always clear
There are no shadows to ever darken fear
And here there is the soul I dream so dear

Warrior Princess

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Your smile stops my heart mid-beat
And leaves my soul swimming in glorious defeat
Your gaze washes over my every dream
And sews in my happiness with embroidered seams

My heart is gathered upon your sleeve
Its endless peace is yours to weave
The sun still shines while the rain does fall
For even in the storm your light enthralls

The vines of my life your eyes enlace
The touch of your look upon my face
You pull me into your thoughts so deep
My time has fled for your love to keep

Warrior Princess

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Troubles Of Mind

Troubles Of Mind

My heart is howling the beats of distress
My soul is ripped through the bones of my breast
I hate to see you, for it does not last
But leaving you, a shadow casts

I cannot breathe these bleeding breaths
Of aches and hallows and endless deaths
I cannot dream of your bright eyed smile
As I drag you to me, mile by mile

I cannot grasp this screeching hush
That twists me in the black of its mush
I cannot purge this blinding pain
This relentless wrenching that leaves me lame

I tear your image from the pit of my mind
Your softest eyes grasp and bind
You rip me from the comfort of time
From the depths of your light I cannot climb

Like the fingers of death you call to me
You haunt my life you’re all I can see
I shall whither and die, I can no longer endure
You’re the flames in my heart, you’re my only cure

Warrior Princess

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishes and Fiddlesticks!

Fishes and Fiddlesticks!
I can’t concentrate on my work.
I can’t do what I need to do.
All I can see are your eyes,
With their hazy hazel hew.
I want to feel you inside me,
I want to wrap around you so tight,
I want to squeeze every last drop from you,
I want you awake for the night.
I want to hear your silent shadow,
As it skips across the sand,
I want to feel the wind of the grassland,
As you fulfil my every demand.
I want to climb the length of your body,
To hold your breath in my ear,
To feel your every last thought,
And finally let go of the fear.
Warrior Princess

Monday, May 7, 2012



I miss you, when I’m not there
I miss ignoring you, like I don’t care
I miss the glances, stolen and shy
And watching your arse, on the sly

Warrior Princess

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eripit Me

Eripit Me

I wander between your heart and mine
And I cry to the shadows I hide behind
I seek the light you cast to me
Your open smile I long to see
I call to you in the dark of night
I scream within with all my might
In pain I constantly toss and turn
And in my heart I quake and burn
I hear crashing waves of trees
As the leaves dance heavily in the breeze
I yearn to hear as you draw near
For in my soul then, all is clear
And for that moment, brief in time
All I feel is so sublime

Warrior Princess

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tides of Time D.A, Survivor Style

Blast from the past...found it on my MySpace page

Tides of Time D.A Survivor Style
 The nightmare that once began, stripped my soul to a slogged out mush of emptiness, and left 

me drowning in a sea of diarrhoea,
Flailing helplessly, against the tides of life, 

unable to form a thought for all the horrendous sights and smells continuously filled my head, all 

the nonsense of the dulled out crap of the lower echelons,
horrified my soul.
Sinking fast beneath the waves of Missing Personalities Incorporated,
half eaten by the sharks of night time thoughts, 

lungs filled to bursting until my head explodes and all hope so nearly lost.
Clothes hanging like a tramp, skin paled to a deathlike greyed out pallor with the eyes of 

ghosts of eons passed, 
shoulders worn beneath the weight of those so undeserving of the breath within their ungrateful 


ears unwelcoming the sound of the circling gulls ready to pick the leather from the aged hands 

of the crone upon the driftwood bones of youth.
The flickering spots of light along the far off distant coasts, vanish under the touch of the sight of 

the weary eyes, changing constantly as hope would randomly appear, as a mirage to the 

dehydrated induced dead of the desert sands, and all is lost.

Unconscious now to the reality of the superficiality of all that is as it would appear, holed up in 

the Hollywood colours of the Twenties, within a mind reluct to think for in thoughts untouched 

sits the untouched truth of the One who sits on claim to all created within the ancient world, 

unable to conceptualise the hardness of the modern Sea of Shite.

Until at last war weary from the fight of time upon the waves, beneath the ocean bed, of years 

damn near three, drift into the unchartered shallowed waters of the Sea of Redemption, until 

before me stood one saviour, most unholy, most unlikely was he who took me by the arm and 

slowly led me inward,

leaving all of that which I did never recognise behind. He who thought and taught and thought 

again until now I could realise the release of the Bath Time Water, to sit upon the limescaled 

rock which grew within my heart to slowly form the bricks and blocks with which I built my 

fortress upon the sturdy ground of New Land.
And what a mighty castle I did build, would bring a smile to Simon or Garfunkel as I too fill it with 

my books, my poetry and too, all that which would appear to beautify the ugly structure of all the 

most horrendous bags and bowels and broken bridges of all those who walk around its moat.
I sit and watch the world walk by in ordered fashion offering itself as on a catwalk, 

a sale which it has yet to sell to a cynical and unrepenting heart,

I fear it all as yet again I see the approach of yet another Tsunami, created not by others, 
but by the diarrhoea of all that which I have yet to flush away, sending it across the Sea of 

Forgiveness to the Land of Forgetfulness, which rests within a pantheon unknown as of yet, 

to those without a boat in which to set it to sail.

So now alone without the assist of others, I in all my lonely tears of time,
shall  wear my hands with work unsuited to the soul, tearing down the walls, not using fists or 

teeth, more love for those still as yet undeserving, but only in their own unknowning of the 

marvel that lies within their own eternal soul, ready to appear at the genuine light of a smile 

offered for no other purpose but to please, and so life continues.
And over a thousand times a thousand more slowly in the unmaking than in the construction, it 

shall eventually be a rebuilt mansion of sorts, upon the foundation it shall remain, 
yet high above the ever changing tides, 

I shall yet untie the thousand tiny coloured silk ribbons, 
strangling, binding, cutting through the downy flesh, eternally holding, unseverable even by the 

sharpest force,
until at last unbound, untied, unbuilt, all of that, over which I never had control,

shall finally of its own accord assemble on the sea, a ship in which it now shall sail itself to 

lands unknown, 
to leave the terrified heart behind in peace, ready at last to allow the flow of all that once upon a 

time may yet be seen or felt so deep within.
It's time to smile as the untamed, untrained woman of night, after all the years of fear of self,

Shall finally take to flight once more, to gather to my own all those of love to which I am 

to build a bubble full of silly stuff of fluff and rainbows and cherub puffed clouds,
if only for a while – what shite!
But sure, isn't that life! 

Warrior Princess