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Friday, July 15, 2011

Echo's Endless Call

Locked behind the long lost walls I wander through the lengthening listless shadows,
Seeking a sunlight that never was perhaps, and perhaps may never come again,
Calling forth the savvy savants of silly ceremony's of centuries past,
Grasping for the grotesque guile of gormless gurus who claim to know the unknown.
Seeping up through cracks in the unseen slabs beneath my feet, eternally clutching at my ankles,
scratching the skin from my legs and tearing my veins apart as I cross
the threshold from that which  I have I accepted and learned to no longer despise
to that which I fear the most and cannot continue to avoid.
Eyes as sunken as the deathless call of Echo caught within the grey, cold caves
Leaking forth the salty brine of seadrops long shored up inside
Howling as loud as the silence of a foggy, dim day
And praying that someday you might return my way.
Never understanding the deepening depths of the shallow spinning inside,
The explanation for the tattoos burned to the inner lids of my eyes eternally evasive,
The leaps and dives of emotions as those sacred tattoos are replaced with the original picture 
only to yet again become the centre of all that matters most.
And still I sit. 
And still I wait.
And still Confusion washes over me threatening to drown me now as it never has before,
Sucking the wind from my lips while offering my lungs the crisp cool calmness of death,
Welcome it might be if Hope did not grab my ear and drag me to the surface
forcing the harsh cruel breaths of Faith into my soul.
Endless are the cycles of despair and grief and wretched hopelessness
and still I breath the scent of strength emanating from somewhere I can only think is you
And it lifts me to the heights of heroes of eons past 
And I believe that I can conquer this silence that resounds inside 
seeking walls upon which it can reverberate it's lonely sigh.
If only you knew the greatness of your gentle power to hood my heart, expose my soul
and cause my waking hours so many thousand minutes of hallow aches,
If only you could remember promises told in Timeless times before The Age and Sage caught hold and dragged us into this unseemly realm,
If only I knew the key to crack the code,
If I had the bore to drill the hole,
If I had the very presence of mind to step within your soul Dav√≥g and seek the answers to my thoughts,
Then might I find the peace I seek and rest contented within the grave of life.