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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Undoing the Undone

Undoing the Undone

I walk along the borderline and delve softly into your world
Where whispering winds with breath so light cause tenders thoughts to whirl
And heartbeats sound so softly forth creating the gentlest light
The silent tweets from secret beaks strange feelings do incite
I breathe the deepening sough o' flowing seas and sigh
I feel your presence seeping through from somewhere way up high
Unopened eyes peer through at me and see right past my smile
I wonder where I came like this and left again tensile
The tiny crystal dewdrop forms upon my brow
And I feel the cooling pink-tint grass penetrate my vow
Oh where again shall end this walk that brings me far from home?
To feel the cloudy grip of heat that by my side does roam
At longest last depart my way and let me drift in peace
To fall complete into your arms, my race to finally cease.

Warrior Princess

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