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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Will Not Follow Ye!

I Will Not Follow Ye!

I will not be ruled by a heart wrenching pull of forceless wonderment which causes my stomach to churn and my head implode,
I will not accept that I cannot exist in the freefall life which I have accepted and which the Powers-That-Be have long imposed.
I will not be moved to the senseless nonsense of being ruled by a vagina or controlled by the physical explosion of a hormonal reaction,
I will not join in the remorseless games of the 'I-am-slut' brigade nor wallow in the shallows that drown the 'I-hate-men' faction.
I will continue to enjoy all that my life offers me and I will thank God every day that I do have to suffer the shit which I once endured,
I will accept that the actions and reactions of my present life are merely the end result of many unwept emotions that are now obscurred.
I will hold my head high and let it be known that I do not need to conform to be happy nor play the endless thankless games of love to feel complete,
Let it be known that I AM happy to live a life free of all the hogwashed churned out balderdash which always eternally ends in deceit.

Warrior Princess

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