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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cherry Blossom Wish

Cherry Blossom Wish

The heavy scent of lilies hangs in the evening haze,
The cherry blossom petals swirl a dancing craze,
As the sun begins to set upon a fading line,
Once again your eyes prey dark within my mind.
I watch the day draw to a peaceful end,
And all around me the darkness doth decend,
It covers all from low to high,
And drags me deep into its sigh,
It blocks my sight and blots my thoughts,
In its depts my dreams are wrought.

I wonder why I do this all again,
Playing hopscotch with the wish within my zen,
Deep within I know that this could never be,
For somewhere long ago I simply lost the key.
I do not know the numerous complicated ways,
Nor the meandering paths of many a modern craze.
I never learnt the rules,
Nor ever acquired the tools,
I do not know how to progress,
Eternally caught in an overiding regress.

I watch the swirling confetti dance 
As tiny petals wave to the branch
The careful creep of an empty evening chill
Echoes of a sad uneasy shill.
The breath within my breast chokes forth,
My throat constricts allowing food no more,
I spin beneath a thousand whirring chakras,
Hurtling through unending realms of akrasia,
I hope to hit the bottom soon,
Dashed upon the rocks my body strewn.

The shadows deepen, my heart concedes,
My overarching brain agrees, 
But deep within  a hidden depth of deathly shadows,
Lurks the tentative calyx  of a microcosmic meadow,
Awaiting footfalls unfelt,
Of he who is indwelt,
And here within the Hope of Evermore,
Like swirling petals to the gods implore.

Warrior Princess

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  1. beautiful words.. i hope you find the key ^^ to start anew..

    -following through swap-bot