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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Be Named

To Be Named

How old am I ? - Watch as I walk by,
How old am I?
I ask not what my age might be,
It's hidden from what mortal eye might see.
I have lived in many realms,
Returned in many dreams.
I have lived among the gods,
Never fought at any odds.
I have placed the life before the King,
Aeons for Him I did dance and sing. 

I have walked in many lands,
Been caressed by many hands.
I built Great Pyramids of Gold,
Their truth yet to be told.
I have plunged through wave and water high,
Such devastation seems now a lie.
I have watched the land sink beneath the wave,
From its grip, none could I save.
I have walked upon the clouds by night,
My song was heard, my face out of sight.
I have travelled through the portals of time,
Passing so freely the movement sublime.

Who am I of this Great Age?
Who am I this Quoting Sage?

I am She, who walked on soil,
While deep beneath brewed founts of oil.
I am She, who gave birth to Life,
I am She, the Great Earth's Wife.
I am She, the Eternal Lover,
Within my depths, a sphinx to uncover.
I am She,The Mighty Royal Mother,
From my womb came the Great Earth's Brother.

Upon this Earth I have made much toil,
Breathing life to sullen soil.
Look at me as I walk pass,
See my soul, my eyes are glass.
Within this gentle tomb of life,
Accusations of youth are rife.
Some can see my face serene,
Others see the flesh of porcelein.

I am She, of an age so old,
I am Time as my tale has told.
I am the grass beneath my feet,
I am the golden fields of wheat.
I am the moon, the sun, the stars,
I painted Venus, gave birth to Mars.
I am She, who from Legends flow,
I am Legends as Legends show. 

Warrior Princess