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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Winding River of Life - the Adventure of Campus Life

It's hard to believe that in just a few short days, we shall be finished first year at university. Only a brief, few weeks ago I found I had launched myself into the middle of a stormy river and found myself sitting on a leaky raft, rushing downstream with no idea how of to control anything. At every turn I expected to hit a hidden boulder and prepared myself for the inevitable destruction of my flimsy craft, and my own eventual drowning. 

But as one week became two and then three, I found that although the river was fast moving, I still had time to look at all the beautiful vistas which greeted me everywhere I looked. Soon I realised that although the sailing itself was tiring, the river did not contain any hidden boulders, my craft did not disintegrate, I did not drown. When the tiredness overtook me, Christmas arrived and I had time to recoup my strength before venturing out again. Sailing my little boat did have a few minor hiccups - others did wobble the raft and extra water did come on board, but like all trusty sailors I had my bailing bucket and me and my raft carried on regardless. At other times, myself and my fellow sailors - some sailing slightly stormier waters - would stop and take time-out in one or other of the universities many delightful coffee shops.

Gallons of tea was drunk, housework was avoided, uncountable hours of sleep were lost, nails were bitten, naps (in lectures or the library) were had, 24 essays, 11 assignments, 4 in-class tests, 2 presentations and 2 MCQ's were procrastinated upon and eventually submitted, faces became people, people became friends, lecturers became colleagues, colleagues became friends, small circles of wanderers became wider circles filled with the smiling, now named faces of friends and while many many friendships were made others were avoided! 

But at the end of day, at the end of the semester and the end of first year, I can honestly say, watch our world, we're coming your way!!


  1. Hello! My name is Brooklyn (you were one of my partners for the blog swap) I completely love the picture on top (of the trees, and building top) So so pretty! Followed and commented! Have a wonderful day my dear!


  2. Hi, this is Stacy from Swap Bot, and love your blur about the first year of university, I'm winding down in my last year and have done serious thinking and said "wow" this it...Time seem to fly by fast though, anyhow love the picture!

    Stacy (luvystacy)

  3. I enjoy your unique writing voice. Very nice.

    MelonFarmingBabe-from swap-bot