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Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Update on Climategate

I am a true non-believer when fed tales of the disasters pressed upon the poor earth by those damned human beings. Yes I do concede that our species are directly to blame for destroying many of the earths most beautiful and in some cases, most needed places. We wanted beef burgers from old McD's so we chopped down the rainforests, then we decided we wanted bio-fuels so we lopped out some more of them there darned trees. We are also known for destroying the habitats of so many wonderful creatures, pushing so many to the brink of extinction.

But as a student of Classics I am also well aware of how the Roman's need for an effective contraceptive saw them push silphium to the point of extinction and then those darned farmers decided to go and rear livestock on the Libyan coast around Cyrene - the only habitat of this particular herb. It was this cultivation of the land which pushed the silphium over the edge causing it to disappear forever by the first century AD.
Those darned Romans also had a bit of a love for putting on many events in their amphitheatres which required the presence of African and Asian exotic animals, many of which were viciously killed either by humans or other animals within the arena. They pushed many species to the limits and even managed to drive some of them to extinction.

So what's the problem you ask? Well, while I agree that humans are not seen as being nature's best friend on a global scale, I seriously disagree with how reviled we have become of ourselves in modern times. We seem to think the whole of everything revolves around us, in the here and now.
Sure go back any further than a couple of hundred years and most people would regard these ancestors of ours as being little more than barbarians. They were uncultured, uneducated, uncivilised in the ways to which we have become accustomed, so they were incapable of being anything when compared to our modern selves, the creators and destroyers of all that is good. It is all ego. And taxable ego too.

The start of the industrial revolution was one of the dirtiest times for mankind. The cities were foul, between the smog and the soot blackened buildings, and then there were the rats and the starvation which were rampant almost everywhere. The coal mines were dug out and emptied almost directly into the factory furnaces and everywhere people dropped dead, haggard and cancer-ridden at very young ages.
So we decided to clean up our act a little, if not for the 'environment' (a non-existent term at the time) then for ourselves. We figured out newer, more efficient, less disease-inducing ways of doing things. And as we brought down natural fuel consumption the powers-that-be put up the natural fuel prices.

Time passed and soon we were being told that we, the great creators of so many wonderful new inventions, that we the great bestowers of many genius ideas, we were nothing more than the destroyers of the great earths atmosphere. We became the devil incarnate. We day we lived, we breathed, we by our mere existence, were destroying this here wonderful planet of ours. I remember being sombrely warned when I was ten that my children would never see a real live elephant and that all the snow leopards would disappear within fifteen years. It's been twenty and there appear to be more out there now, than there were when I was a child. But the guilt complex has been bred in there by the powers-that-be and so everytime I sit in a car, travel on an aeroplane, drink from a plastic bottle or warm my tush at the hearth, I feel the guilt of being directly responsible for murdering dear mother earth.

Well no more I tell you, no more. Why? Because yet again those toe-rags out there, the powers-that-be, they have lied to us, they have blatantly lied to us. Global warming is a farce. I have had my suspicions that this was the case for quite some time, but one always tends to doubt oneself when the powers-that-be insist upon an issue. I have always been aware that once upon a time, the world consisted of thousands upon thousands of volcanoes and the temperature around here was a hell of a lot higher (no pun intended) than we could ever push it.
Okay so we mightn't like it to get that hot again, it's understandable, humans would not survive it. But we can't actually prevent it. One of the greatest influences even now, on the earths temperature is a volcano, one eruption can knock the socks off the statistics.
Anywho, back to the point. I will never buy into the whole climate change nonsense - although I will be still made pay for the myth with all these new carbon taxes. And this is why...

Read the link, I've ranted enough for one day.

But guys, I think it's time we stopped feeling so guilty. Unlike the Romans we haven't willfully killed off any creature, in fact we're probably more likely to have helped preserve many that would otherwise have died off naturally. So maybe we should be giving ourselves a pat on the back. Well that is until the 'scientists' tell us we screwed up by not killing off a couple species.

Until the next rant..

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