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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thirteen Gone Past Thirty

Thirteen Gone Past Thirty

Oh my heart in pieces falls about by ears unheard,

It's silenced screams of years long passed; my soul within they scarred.
I think I feel but feel I think, too much of what is lost,
Left within the realms of youth, which in turn became the cost.
Oh lament of the wailing one, who upon the wall does sit,
Your sorrow with my own I swear, it ever well does fit.

As time grows old and youth more young,
My heart did seal my tongue.
And time it now has passed us by, never more is ours,
The tears that flowed are now no more than dew drops on the flowers.
Old time it waits for none of us, not young or ever old,
An incubus upon our dreams by night, our stories never told.


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