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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Clanrickard and Claregalway Castle

I love my family and I was thrilled many years ago on a visit to Westport House to discover that this dear old family of mine has got quite a lengthy history, dating back thousands of years.
We are of course, the Clanrickards, the Earls of Connaught and Ulster, honours bestowed upon us by none other than the infamous Henry VIII himself.
There are many, many references to the oul' Clan in the ancient Annals, but this is one of the easier to read references of them. And no, it's not in the Annals, it refers to one of our little oul' castles.


  1. It is so pretty - we should check out their 'visiting' times and take the kids. It is right by the graveyard where Dad is buried - very very pretty area. Shame about all the traffic in Claregalway!

  2. Oh we'll have to go visit. Then I can case the place, draw up an attack plan, seize the castle and rule all of Galway from my throne...(queue evil laugh).
    First job on my agenda, do away with the traffic in Claregalway!