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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well Hello Blog-World!!

So here we are, finally I've started blogging!! Sure it takes time, but we all get there in the end!

First off I'm going to start with a "I told you so" and take it further by gloating "yes I did!" Lol!

Just this very morning passed, I had a debate/discussion in regards to those shagging glaciers. It was a "will they, won't they/are they, aren't they" - receding rapidly that is. Well I was right, they've (they who??? The 'Scientists') finally admitted (although only marginally) that the Himalayan Glaciers WILL NOT have disappeared by 2035 as stated by the IPCC (UN Climate Science Body) in 2007. They will not have disappeared by 2035 or anytime soon by the looks of things. But sure after the whole 'Climate-change leaked Emails' scandal, can anyone truly believe anything any of these people say? I don't think so!

Methinks climate change is about as scientifically 'proven' as the origin of language!! (in-house joke, people)

Ok, rant over :) time to get back to Facebook - oh I mean studying of course!

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  1. Hey - welcome to BLOG WORLD! NOW, get a cutesy photo up there :-)
    Did you send Karen a LINK to your BLOG???
    Let me know,
    See ya tomorrow!