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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Writing on the Bookies Wall

One sunny afternoon as I sat in the car waiting for my younger brother to emerge from his then job in the bookies, I noticed two hand prints on the wall, as I sat there, this poem seeped into my mind and formed itself onto a nearby napkin.

The truth of their existence was not as morbid as my mind had projected. In fact I discovered they were put there by my brother's work colleague in a much less dramatic manner.

The Writing on the Bookies Wall

Two prints on the wall tell a tale,
Sweated and once slid they shine,
As he fell in despair grasping for the past,
But alas, it was not there
And to the ground he fell
Once again wishing; wishing for two hours lost
And the fortune within them.

Warrior Princess


  1. It is lovely, really. BUT what I really really love is the column to the LEFT 'About me' all about you :-)
    That is where the poetry is my dear. Not to mention the last couple of lines - that tugs at the heart strings like no other words.
    See ya for coffee :-)

  2. I wrote that poem (About me) as I hate trying to describe myself on things like Facebook and Myspace etc. so I wrote it as a lazy way out of telling people about myself. It sums me up best I think and I can simply copy and paste it as needs be.