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Friday, January 22, 2010

Are Our Children Truly Safe?

Reading of the horrendous torture bestowed on those two young boys in Edlington in England just chills me to the bone. The idea that they were so viciously attacked, so near home and left for dead by two boys in and around their own age only serves to add to the horror.
As the mother of a boy within this same age category, my gut wrenched as I read the gruesome details of these most evil of acts. As a mother I empathise very strongly with the mothers of the victims; I also must admit I greatly admire them too. I would not have been so merciful as they, I would have shot both brothers on sight and felt no remorse for doing so either.

This incident, like that of baby Jamie Bulger's death, tends to bring out the most basic animal instinct present deep within every mother (and father too, I'm sure) the world over. What rights should these sociopath's have? They are obviously not normal, not human, they are not even feral, they are simply malefic beings.
Like Venables and Thompson, they too shall be given all the best of everything, from now until they die in anonymity whenever the good Lord (or more likely Satan) calls them. All the while, the victims of this crime and their families shall have to continue to live with the constant reminders of that faithless day. They shall also have to pay the taxes that will eventually fund the happy existence that those two monsters will eventually live upon their release.
Is that justice?

Looking at the case further, evidence has now been published of how the system neglected these perpetrators, ignoring what was obviously abusive parenting. This mother was drug-dependent, the partner matched her well. And yet she was allowed by this society of ours to produce not just two of these monsters but SEVEN. That means there are another five of them waiting in the wings and God only knows what they are getting up too.
Should people like this have the right to procreate at random?

Should people who are so obviously abusive be allowed to rear them? Should a parent have the right to destroy a child and in doing so, destroy their potential and their future, just because they 'got up the pole' as many of them so elegantly put it?
This woman is a drug addict. The chances are that she took drugs while pregnant too, she most certainly would have had 'the odd drink'. Were her children born with drugs in their system too? It is obvious that many pregnancies ago, it would have been obvious to healthcare workers that this woman was a menace to her children and in turn to society. Why were her children not taken off her at birth? Why was she not sterilised? And yes, I am promoting eugenics here, some people should NOT be allowed to procreate, and this woman is one of them - just look at the great job she's done so far.

Kerry Robertson from Dunfermline in Fife was not allowed to marry her finance because she was deemed 'not intelligent enough'. She had her baby snatched from her breast only days ago. This woman is NOT a drug addict, she is not an abusive parent, she loves her son, she planned to marry his father and give him a good home. Yet her baby was removed from her care while 'monster-mom' over in Edlington was allowed, time and again, to keep all of hers.
Is this justice?

Surely society needs to start getting a grip of itself. We claim we live in a 'civilised' society. Tell me how we can call our society 'civilised' when we cannot even trust the children who live within it's confines? Our children are no longer safe even in the company of their own peers. Parents must now explain to children that while they must be vigilant for strangers bearing sweets, they must be more wary of the children down the road and the children in school, because society will not protect them from other children. As we all know, while the stranger with sweets rarely appears, there is no hiding from those children, everywhere.

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